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Custom Wood Molding

For 47 years, we’ve created custom molding for luxury homes around the U.S. All of our molding are handmade to order. We can create any style, any wood type, whether it’s a photo from instagram or a damaged molding from your 1800s home that you want to copy precisely. 

Dutchess Millwork can create custom moulding from any design. Whether it’s a picture from Pinterest or an interior design you need to replicate, we can deliver your vision.

Based on any style and using any wood type, we can create custom molding for:

  • Luxury homes
  • Historic Residences or Renovations
  • High-End Spaces
  • Custom Designed Spaces

Charlotte Greenough

“Dutchess Millwork did the most beautiful custom stairs for our home in Hudson Valley. The quality was impeccable and I couldn’t believe how large their in-house workshop was. Our contractor sent us to them as his preferred vendor and it’s obvious why – they were super knowledgeable and responsive and fair. In the craziness of building a house – Dutchess Millwork was hands down the best vendor we worked with. Highly recommend.”

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A little about our moldings...

Molding are the trim of a home. They are the decorative strips that help frame the rest of the house parts, such as windows, doors, and walls. 

Molding also add elegance and charm to your home, as they come in various profiles, sizes, and materials. 

At Dutchess Millwork, we have been making custom and reproduction molding and house parts since 1976.

We have collaborated with thousands of architects, builders, designers, and homeowners to create distinctive and high-quality products for their projects. 

We can replicate any molding from your original sample or drawing, or create a new design from your specifications. We use only the finest wood species and craftsmanship to ensure your satisfaction. 

Whether you need molding for a historic restoration, a landmark, a church, or a fine home, we are the company to contact.

The Art of Detail: Custom Molding and Millwork for Your Luxury Home

In a luxury home, every detail tells a story. At Dutchess Millwork we believe that custom-crafted molding and millwork are the brushstrokes that paint a masterpiece. Our skilled artisans transform ordinary walls and ceilings into extraordinary works of art, all meticulously handcrafted to order.

Unparalled level of Customization

  • Wood for Every Vision: Our vast selection of wood types caters to any aesthetic. Embrace the richness of mahogany or the warmth of cherry. Moldings crafted from oak or maple offer timeless elegance. For a lighter touch, consider poplar or even a touch of luxury with exotic woods.
  • Style to Suit Your Taste: Go for the grandeur of traditional architectural moldings like crown molding or the clean lines of contemporary baseboard molding. We offer a vast array of profiles, from intricate details like chair rails and wainscoting to simple yet elegant casing moldings around windows and doors. Customizable moldings are our specialty! Bring us your unique design ideas or let us help you create a cohesive look that complements your existing architecture.
  • Size Matters: Our expertise extends beyond style. We create custom moldings in any size, ensuring a perfect fit for any application. No more struggling with pre-made options; our custom size moldings guarantee a seamless integration with your walls, ceilings, and architectural features.

Beyond the Basics

Our custom millwork goes beyond moldings to encompass a world of design possibilities:

  • Hand-Carved Elegance: Incorporate intricate carvings and wooden corbels for a touch of timeless sophistication.
  • Interior Design Elements: Elevate your space with decorative panelswooden slats, or tambour wall panels for a unique and stylish look.
  • Luxury Accents: Add a touch of grandeur with embellished hardwood moldings for a truly opulent feel.
  • Function Meets Form: Explore the world of acoustic wall panels and solid wood panels for both beauty and improved soundproofing.

The Benefits of Bespoke Millwork

  • Enhanced Beauty: Custom millwork adds a touch of sophistication and craftsmanship that elevates the overall aesthetic of your luxury home.
  • Increased Value: Intricate moldings and millwork are a hallmark of luxury homes and can significantly enhance your property value.
  • Flawless Finishing: Custom-made millwork ensures a seamless fit and eliminates gaps or imperfections, creating a polished and professional look.
  • Unique Design Elements: Customizable millwork allows you to incorporate your unique design vision into your home, making it a true reflection of your style.

More Than Just Millwork

At Dutchess Millwork, we understand that custom millwork is an investment. That’s why we use only the finest materials and construction techniques, ensuring:

  • Unwavering Durability: Our custom millwork is built to last, offering exceptional resistance to wear and tear for lasting beauty.

Elevate Every Detail

Stop searching online for “custom molding near me”! Let us help you explore the world of customizable millwork and design the perfect finishing touches for your luxury home. From intricate crown molding to elegant baseboards and decorative wall panels, we have the expertise and passion to transform your space into a masterpiece.

Contact us today and discover how Dutchess Millwork can elevate your home’s details with handcrafted, custom millwork.


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