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For 47 years, we have produced custom wood pieces using CNC lathes for premium homes throughout the US. All of our custom wood pieces are machined to order. We can match any design, any type of wood, whether it's an Instagram reference photo or a damaged part, our CNC lathe will duplicate it exactly.

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We have collaborated with thousands of architects, builders, designers, and homeowners to create distinctive and high-quality products for their projects. 

Custom wood pieces also add flair and personality to your furniture, as they come in various patterns, sizes, and materials. 

At Dutchess Millwork, we have been making custom and reproduction wood pieces and furniture parts using CNC lathes since 1976.

Custom wood pieces are the accessories of a furniture. They are the intricate parts that help embellish the rest of the furniture parts, such as legs, bases, and tops. 

We can replicate any custom wood piece from your original sample or drawing, or create a new design from your specifications. We use only the finest wood species and craftsmanship to ensure your satisfaction. 

We can replicate any custom wood piece from your original sample or drawing, or create a new design from your

The Future of Design: Custom Wood Turning with CNC Lathes for Your Luxury Home

Luxury homes deserve details that are as exquisite as they are innovative. At Dutchess Millwork, we embrace the latest technology to elevate the art of custom millwork. We utilize state-of-the- art CNC lathescomputer numerically controlled lathes – to create custom wood turning with unmatched precision, speed, and design flexibility. This allows us to craft unique and beautiful pieces that become the centerpiece of any room in your luxury home.

Our vast selection of wood types caters to any aesthetic desire. Embrace the timeless elegance of classic hardwoods like rich mahogany, warm cherry, or the enduring beauty of oak. For a touch of modern luxury, explore dramatic black walnut or lighter options like maple or poplar.

When it comes to style, the possibilities are limitless. Imagine handcrafted architectural wood turnings that seamlessly integrate with your staircase design or intricate turned wood columns that flank your grand entrance.

CNC lathes take custom wood turning to a whole new level. This advanced technology ensures each piece is crafted with perfect consistency and detail, exceeding the capabilities of traditional wood turning methods.

Even the most intricate designs – complex curves, repetitive patterns, and delicate details – come to life with incredible accuracy thanks to CNC lathes.

This technology also allows for faster production times without compromising quality, ensuring your project stays on schedule.

Need multiple identical pieces for a cohesive look throughout your home? CNC lathes guarantee perfect replication for flawless symmetry.

The benefits of choosing CNC lathes for custom wood turning are numerous. Each piece is a unique work of art, crafted with precision and meticulous attention to detail to elevate the overall aesthetic of your home.

We design your custom wood turnings to your exact specifications, ensuring a seamless integration with your existing architecture and creating a unified look.

We use only the finest materials and construction techniques to create pieces built to last, becoming cherished heirlooms for generations to come. With CNC technology, you have the freedom to personalize your space and reflect your unique style, whether it’s a classic design or a creation pushing the boundaries of design innovation.

Stop searching online for “cnc lathe near me,” “cnc turning centers,” “cnc machine lathe,” or “lathe services near me“! Let Dutchess Millwork redefine custom wood turning for your luxury home.

Our skilled artisans and advanced technology will create unique pieces that transform your space and leave a lasting impression.

Contact us today and discover the future of design with CNC lathes for custom wood turning.


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