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Landing tread detail

Landing Tread – What is it?

A landing tread is a type of stair part used either under a floor-level banister as a shoe rail or around an intermediate landing of a stairway. In banister applications, it serves as the board on the floor, with balusters and posts installed on top. When used on an actual stair landing, it creates a border around the landing itself.

Landing treads are typically wider than regular stair treads, allowing space for users to turn, pause, or change direction comfortably. They play a critical role in ensuring safety and ease of use in a staircase, preventing tripping hazards and providing a stable foundation for users during transitions.

Landing Tread vs Bullnose Molding

Let’s compare Landing Tread and Bullnose molding:

Landing Tread

  • A landing tread is a crucial component in staircase design.
  • It creates a border between the finish flooring and the balustrade itself.
  • When used on an actual stair landing, it forms a border around the landing area.
  • Landing treads are also commonly referred to as bullnose molding, although there are slight differences between the two.
  • In situations where solid treads and risers are used, the landing tread creates a border around the landing, matching the tread nosing to maintain a consistent appearance.

Bullnose Molding

  • Bullnose molding is a specific type of trim or molding used to finish the edge of a surface, such as a stair tread or countertop.
  • It features a smooth, rounded design at the edge, creating a soft curve.
  • Bullnose molding is often used for the “landing,” which refers to an additional extension of the bottom stair.
  • Unlike landing treads, bullnose molding may not always match the tread nosing and can vary in appearance.

Both landing treads and bullnose molding serve similar purposes in finishing off the top step of a stairway. However, landing treads are specifically designed to match the tread nosing, while bullnose molding can have more varied profiles.

Landing Tread Sizes

At Dutchess Millwork we specialize in custom and production turnings and stair parts. Our landing treads are available in different wood species, including White Oak.

Specific dimensions may vary based on your needs and landing treads can be customized to fit your specific project requirements.

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