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beautiful custom wooden columns used for interior design

Top 15 Ideas for Wooden Columns in Interior Design

Ever looked at a bland space and thought, “it needs a little somethin’ somethin'”? 

Well, we’ve got just the ticket: wooden columns!

These timeless beauties aren’t just for grand old houses. From rustic to modern, wooden columns can add warmth, character, and architectural oomph to any room. 

So, grab your cuppa joe, settle in, and get ready to explore 15 amazing ideas to incorporate wooden columns into your home!

Wooden Columns in Interior Design

There are probably more uses you can put wooden columns to than you realize. If you’re looking for some inspiration, check out some of these ideas from Pinterest!

1. Wall Columns

This classic Art Deco style wooden column is built into the wall and used as support for lighting but also to frame a contrast color on a wall.

You don’t have to go all Art Deco, you could use this type of column any way you like!

2. Space Divider

Wooden columns have long been used as space dividers. They divide spaces without creating a complete barrier, allowing sound and light to continue through.

This example has been very well done, but simpler plain oak or pine dividers also work well.

3. Wooden Columns

Let’s also celebrate the wooden column itself. There are a ton of design styles you can use but we like this for a statement piece.

It’s a column made up of wooden verticals and gold coloured detailing.

4. Tree of Life

This may be a niche design but it’s a fantastic showcase of just how far you can take a wooden column. 

While this column supports the building, it could also be purely decorative and is a fantastic example of how to use color to make a statement.

5. Rustic Roof Support

We particularly like this rustic, plain wood column within this room. It’s a solid reminder of how attractive wood is and how it doesn’t need embellishment to look amazing.

This is a fantastic showcase of plain wood at its best.

6. Jenga Column

This wooden roof support switches it up by going horizontal rather than vertical. It’s a simple change that makes a huge difference to how it looks and feels.

It’s much harder to construct than verticals but has a unique feel that makes it worthwhile.

7. Log Slices

While we’re on the subject of unique column designs, check this one out. It’s faced using log thins and has been cleverly designs using different shapes and colors to create the effect.

This could be useful in a cabin or more rustic property we think!

8. Wooden Candle Holders

Here’s an innovative use of wooden columns, using driftwood as a column-style candelabra. They look amazing and could work well in all kinds of spaces.

As you can imagine, the look you end up with depends entirely on the type and condition of the wood you use.

9. Classic Column

It’s easy to get carried away with innovative designs, but it also pays to remember the classics, like this traditional column.

This is a clad roof support with dark wood that contrasts nicely with the white walls around it. Nicely done!

10. Classic Archway Columns

Here’s another classic, smaller columns sitting on tall plinths within an interior archway. It’s a definite statement piece!

We like that the wood reflects the floor but seems a little lighter (unless it’s the light).

11. Steamed Wood Columns

You can shape wood in all kinds of crazy ways if you can steam it. While this example is on a grand scale, the style could easily fit into a home.

Steaming wood is a skill but anyone can do it with a little practice!

12. Detailed Interior Columns

If you have an eye for detail, how about these? They’re a cross between Egyptian and classic and could be the last word in your interior.

These would suit a grand courtyard over a rustic porch, but hey, it’s your home!

13. Multipurpose Columns

We like the dual purpose of these wooden columns. The lower elements are bookcases while the upper parts are columns. 

Both are well-balanced and prevent one style dominating the room. 

14. Oriental Gate Columns

Start as you mean to go on by creating an entrance. This oriental style gate is just one way to do it. Even though the example is on the outside, you can use them in your yard too.

It’s a novel take on an often-forgotten area of the home and gives you a hint of what to expect inside.

15. Wooden Newel Posts

Sure, technically a newel post isn’t a column, but as we specialize in them, it’s hard to not include them.

This example is a classic square design with simple detailing. It punches way above its weight in terms of design!